I hear often people say ” I don’t have rhythm ” and Every time this happen it really makes me sad. I always wonder. Why people believe this paradigm? Working with kids teaching music and languages I realize one very important thing everybody has rhythm! But people confuse body coordination with rhythm.

“We all have a heart ” if we listen to it we’ll find rhythm. We learn music and languages almost the same way and the first rule it’s “Listen” If in the early years of a human they make you conscious of listen a beat you’ll develop the skill to move your body to any drumbeat”Every culture has a drum” for there more every body in any country had contact with music and drum beats. The key it’s “feel and listen” it is amazing what happens when I ask my students to close there eyes and move following the drumbeat of the music or clap following the beat. In the beginning of course they don’t play on the beat but as soon as they relax and listen and feel other kids doing it, they reach a point during the song that all of them are sync, it comes and go but every time that somebody loose the beat it’s because some distraction.

So remember “feel and listen” that it’s the first step to developers your rhythm and if we think this amply to life in general. A lot of people I know stop trying to dance just because somebody told say that about them. So Listen to your heart don’t be afraid to feel and don’t ever listen to anybody that tells you that you don’t have rhythm nobody has the right to say that.

Try it!



Today is July 25,2018

Finally is right!

It’s been a great time in my life I met my soulmate a woman that inspire me everyday and believe in me. My daughters are amazing with their own personality and with a lot of dreams that want to make come true. I start to record all the songs that I use in my Spanish Music program, also I start to write songs again and I will record some of the songs soon.

But the reason that I finally decide to write this Blog it’s because I want to share all my experiences in The Music Industry, all my knowledge in Music education and also I want to share my experiences as a single dad.

As a single dad I thought in the beginning that I was one of the few men in the world with my situation. I  search and research  for information, help etc,etc and I couldn’t find anything that make me feel safe and not alone!

I thought one day I will write or have a web to help a dad out there with the same situation that I have 9 years ago. he won’t feel alone and he will feel safe to ask anything. I wish I had something like this at that time.

And that is why this Blog is going to be so important for me!

Let’s be in touch, it is so much to learn everyday!


Hola It is a nice day and everything will be alright!

I am so excited to start my Blog.

I really want to share a lot of all the things that I have been living and learning since 2000.

What a trip but life is good and I will start  right now.

Buen Dia!